OpenSoC Fabric

The OpenSoC Fabric is an ongoing project to create a open source network-on-chip generator capable of creating a synthesizeable network for connecting processors, memory and I/O devices.

OpenSoC Fabic Status

  • 2-D Mesh or Flattened Butterfly network of arbitrary size
  • Wormhole routing
  • Virtual Channels
  • Run through ASIC flow

In Development

  • AXI Interface

Version v1.1.2 relased

Circuit Photonics

Future Work

  • A collection of topologies and routing functions
  • An easy way to adjust router pipeline stages
  • Validation against other RTL or simulators
  • Standardized interfaces at the endpoints
  • More powerful synthetic traffic and trace replay support
  • Power modeling in the C++ model
  • Expanding to off-chip networks (i.e. photonics)